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Lady Liberty Transportation Is a Philadelphia-based company that provides airport shuttle service to and from the Philadelphia International Airport. We offer door-to-door shuttle service to all Center City and University residences and hotels. We also have GROUP charter services available to the Philadelphia suburbs, New Jersey and Delaware.


Travel from the Philadelphia International Airport

• Reservations are not required for airport arrivals. Service is available from 5:30am until 12:00 midnight
• Shuttles depart the PHL airport approximately every 10-15 minutes.
• Upon Arrival please proceed to the Ground Transportation Counter (located in Baggage Claim) – Register with the counter attendant (ticket number will be called when van arrives)
• Dial 27 from the ground transportation counter phones (in Baggage Claim) and inform dispatcher of destination and number in party (please call after luggage is claimed)
• The ground transportation counter employees will then coordinate you outside to your Lady Liberty Shuttle van.
• Lady Liberty Shuttles pick up outside baggage claim at ZONE 7.


Travel to the Philadelphia International Airport

• Call 215-724-8888 to make a reservation in advance.
• Recommended pick-up time is at least 2 to 2.5 hours before departure time for domestic flights.
• Recommended pick-up time is at least 3 to 3.5 hours before departure time for international flights.


Wheelchair accessible transportation

Passengers with disabilities who are registered anywhere in the United States can make a reservation for airport pickup by calling CCT Connect, a 24 hour service.  The telephone number is 215-580-7700.

Passengers with a reservation are picked up at Zone #1 outside of Baggage Claim.  This information is also readily available on PHL Airport’s website.


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